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Asian skin is more prone to what is known as hyperpigmentation due to excessive melanin within the skin.  In older people, this manifested in what are sometimes called "liver spots" and are a darkening of small areas on the back of the hands, or on the face or arm.  Using suncreen is necessary for protection from the sun to avoid liver spots.  It's necessary for your appearance and to have a healthy young skin, now and in the future. 

Melanin also causes skin that is healing from a scrap or cut to be darker in color than the undisturbed, normal skin.  Gradually, as the skin's surface cells slough off, the healing area will return to the normal skin tone and color.  It is also possible that melanin will cause the skin to take more time to heal or, in some cases, to heal with an excess of scar tissue.  One of the positive effects of melanin is to help to protect skin against skin cancer.  Asian people are less likely to have skin cancer than lighter skinned people.