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What is Asian Skin? Why Asian Skin is different?

Asian skin is considered to be one of the most sensitive skin types. It has fewer hair follicles and, thus, a smoother surface. It also is firmer over the general bone structure and has greater elasticity, both of benefit when growing older. Unfortunately it can be hyperpigmentation.

The damage that we see on a person’s skin actually starts many years before it is noticeable. It may be that the person was over exposure to sun and or heat at some stage and DNA in a single melannocyte was damaged.


If the DNA controlling the production of melanin is affected, then the melannocyte makes an excessive amount of melanin.

The cell, in fact, has lost control of melanin formation. Over time this single cell multiplies and gradually grows into a visible patch of cells that is making more melanin than the surrounding skin, causing hyperpigmentation.

A great way to prevent early damages and care for Asian Skin is to use sunscreen prior to sun exposure.  The sunscreen will help reflect or block off the UVB and UVA rays.  Sunscreen with SPF ratings of 15 to 30 is usually sufficient.